Lin Chilcoat Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Lin Chilcoat, the Anderson County LEPC has developed a scholarship fund to support emergency preparedness in Anderson County. The fund can be used to enhance educational opportunities for those who serve Anderson County.

Scholarship funds:

  • Shall be awarded in the summer, prior to the academic year.
  • Shall be a one-time award to the student whose application best meets the scholarship criteria.
  • Are dependent upon yearly finances. The amount will be determined during the yearly budget process and shall be financed using LEPC funds.
  • Shall be administered by the Anderson County LEPC scholarship working group.

Scholarship Application:

  • Is available on the LEPC website.
  • Shall be processed electronically.
  • Is due by May 1st to allow for review and processing.
  • States the reason for the scholarship and how the education supports emergency preparedness Anderson County.
  • Shall be presented to the winning applicant following the August LEPC meeting.
  • May be presented for photo op to be posted on the LEPC website.

Please complete and submit the Lin Chilcoat Memorial Scholarship Application below to continue:

Please enter your full name.

Please include your organization.

Please include the training course.

Describe how the scholarship will be used.

Describe how the scholarship benefits emergency preparedness in Anderson County.

If you are awarded the scholarship, would you be willing to share your knowledge with the Anderson County LEPC members?